Aluminum Machining

Fast material removal and optimized toolpaths in milling and turning.  Use of multi-part fixturing and rotary tables to minimize setups and maximize cycle times.

Steel Machining

Turning and Milling of various carbon steels and alloys.  Drilling, reaming, and burnishing of bores.  Facing, slotting, and thread milling of hard-to-reach features.

Stainless Machining

We use heavy cuts on rigid machines, saving time, minimizing tool wear, and producing chatter-free finishing.

Titanium Machining

Machining of annealed and heat treated alloys including Ti6Al4V.  We have significant experience with production turning of titanium forgings.

Inconel Machining

Machining of some of the toughest Nickel-based metals meeting customer's toughest requirements for high temperature and corrosion resistance.

Machining of Forgings

Machining of aluminum forgings, stainless steel forgings, and titanium forgings to tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes.

Aerospace Machining

Turning of NURBS curve profiles, deep face grooving, ID grooving, and OD grooving.  Air gage inspection of bores.  CMM Inspection of profiles and geometric tolerances.  Tracking of lots and serialization of parts.

CMM Inspection

DCC measurement and reporting using OpenDMIS from customer supplied models, 100% inspection for specific features